Friday, September 3, 2010

Owls and Roosters, It's Still Midnight

Millennium fan music video number twenty-one. This is one video that needed to be epic. This one has a history. I gave a friend of mine a CD (In Silico by Pendulum) and heard the first track and asked to borrow the CD (and gave it back the very next day). I put it on my iShuffle and listened to the album many times for a few weeks. When I heard the beginning of the fifth track, I thought of the beginning of Owls. The music had this Eastern quality or whatever it was, and later in the track it came apparent in my mind that it would be perfect for the shootout in the beginning of Roosters.

It was quite a task to shrink the shootout in the beginning of Owls, I cut it in half. Everything you see in the video is intended, worked out by trial and error or purely accidental. I didn't need to make one cut in the shootout scene with Frank Black, I just decided to cut straight to it when the music went ballistic. Other than that, it was untouched. Sometimes, you don't need to cut...which is nice.

All the footage is taken from Roosters and Owls, episode fifteen and sixteen from season two of Millennium. The track is called Midnight Runner by Pendulum. I titled the video: Owls & Roosters, It's Still Midnight. Enjoy!

NOTE: The video looks a bit dodgy in a couple of places. Thus, I'm offering a download of the video in MPEG-4 format. It's about 100 MB in size. The link might become a dud in the future if people don't download it within a certain time limit.

Click here to download the video.

Cheers from Iceland!

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