Friday, September 3, 2010

The Beginning and the End of Your White Halo

Millennium fan music video number twenty-seven. I finally was able to use an actual Gary Numan song, I was feeling guilty of only been using cover version. I managed to fit the lyrics to the action by making it reflect on whoever is on screen (Frank Black, Peter Watts or Jordan Black).

All the footage is taken from The Beginning and the End, episode one from season two of Millennium. The track is called Halo by Gary Numan . I titled the video: The Beginning and the End of Your White Halo. Enjoy!

NOTE: The video looks a bit dodgy in a couple of places. Thus, I'm offering a download of the video in MPEG-4 format. It's about 51 MB in size. The link might become a dud in the future if people don't download it within a certain time limit.

Click here to download the video.

Cheers from Iceland!

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