Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guilty Weeds

This is the twentieth Millennium fan music video I made. I always planned on using this track, another track from the band Gravity Kills. And Weeds was the perfect episode to go along to since it was about judgment being passed on people living in a guarded community. I noticed something when editing the video. The shot of Frank Black ducking behind that pole, in the episode you see him do that twice, and it's the same shot. So, I managed to make a seamless transition to make the shot longer. It was fun combining two sequences with the killer and his victims and make it as one. And I also kept the identity of the killer a secret.

All the footage is taken from Weeds, episode eleven from season one of Millennium. The track is called Guilty by Gravity Kills. I titled the video: Guilty Weeds. Enjoy!

NOTE: The video looks a bit dodgy in a couple of places. Thus, I'm offering a download of the video in MPEG-4 format. It's about 75 MB in size. The link might become a dud in the future if people don't download it within a certain time limit.

Click here to download the video.

Cheers from Iceland!

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