Monday, June 7, 2010

Frank Black Was a Lucky Man

Here's my seventh Millennium fan music video I made. This was my first leap to other seasons. From the get go, I was going for a tearjerker. I'm somewhat of a fan of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (also known as ELP) and knew I could connect this song to Frank's story in this episode. I never cared for the song which was used in the actual episode, but I think this song is much more appropriate. And it's always fun to switch things around, the order of scenes to make you question what you saw (such as the end of the music video).

All the footage is taken from The Sound of Snow, episode twelve from season three of Millennium. The track is called Lucky Man by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I titled the video: Frank Black Was a Lucky Man. Enjoy!

NOTE: The video looks a bit dodgy in a couple of places. Thus, I'm offering a download of the video in MPEG-4 format. It's about 90 MB in size. The link might become a dud in the future if people don't download it within a certain time limit.

Click here to download the video.

Cheers from Iceland!

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